Quick Tips For Creating Awesome Marketing Videos!

  • In order to get your audience to pay attention to your marketing videos you need to grab their attention right off the bat!  Ask a weird question, be off the wall, start an interesting story.  Tell them why they should watch your video.  What will they get out of it? 
  • Put plenty of value into your marketing videos.  Every now and then it’s ok to leave something out, an open loop.  Tell them to take another step to get the full value- click this link, purchase this product, etc.  Don’t do this ALL the time or no one will watch your marketing videos. 
  • Use “general” language in your marketing videos.  People will draw their own conclusions that support their beliefs.  If you get too specific (unless you’re aiming for a certain niche) you may offend a lot of people. 
  • “Pace” through income levels land explain why your training/product is for everyone – it will help broke people get money, it will give rich people more time freedom, etc. 
  • Tell stories and be vivid in your marketing videos.  Describe what you see and hear in your story so that the audience can really picture it. 
  • Use social proof in your marketing videos.  Share ANY and ALL results that you are getting, no matter how small.  If you don’t have any results, then share other people’s results! 
  • Explain through logic why a person should buy your product, join your team, etc.  A good example would be:  ”If you want to make $400,000 a year you can become a doctor after 12 years of schooling and hundreds of thousands in student loan debt or you can join my team and reach your goals in “blank” amount of days with “blank” amount of money!” 
  • Use indirect calls to action in your marketing videos.  An example would be, “I knew I had to buy or nothing was going to change.” 
  • Be the expert in your marketing videos.  Be confident and make statements with certainty.

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    Danny Bohnen

There’s Just NO WAY Around This!!

People are always coming into the Network Marketing industry and looking for instant wealth or instant team signups!  I don’t care what tool, type of traffic, or system you’re using, there’s just no way around good ol’ fashioned networking!

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Danny Bohnen

Danny Bohnen


Say Goodbye to Facebook as You Know It!

POST ON FACEBOOK for cryin out loud!

If you jump into your biz and you feel tentative to smother your wall about it and you think things like (nerdy tentative voice), “What if people think I’m involved in a scam?”, “What would so and so think if they saw this on my wall?”, “This is just a little something I’m trying and I don’t really want people to know about it.”, KNOCK IT OFF!!!

You’re killing yourself!

Get on Facebook and shove energy and positivity down everyone’s throat!!!!!

Let’s ROCK!


Danny Bohnen

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The Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP!

Follow up is HUGE!  You need to let go of your inhibitions, shyness, tentativeness or whatever the hell else you wanna call it and just beat these people TO DEATH with follow up until you get a YES or a NO.  You simply won’t make it in network marketing if you don’t.

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TRUTH Spoken by A Master Marketer!

My friend Franco Gonzalez wrote this SUPER powerful blog post a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it.  Check it out below! Here’s a link to his post - http://www.attractionlistbuilding.com/wakeupnow-2/heres-why-our-team-just-doubled-our-monthly-growth-again/

We just work different here.

In most programs that are “direct sales” deals and just pretending to play “network marketing” you can tell, because they simply design it so that sales and leverage feed the few at the top. The “goo-roos” who keep boasting and bragging about how bad they are and how they “dominate” and how it’s all about them etc etc…

Have you ever thought to ask just WHO is being “dominated?”

I know, it’s subtle…

If they are such awesome “predators” who DOMINATE, who is the prey?

Yep, you guessed it… you.

You are the prey.

See here’s what you won’t find when that model is being used…

Here’s what you won’t find in their back offices…

Their teammates getting paid.

Oh, they claim it and say “I wanted to help my team get paid” but read between the lines… who do they consider their “team?”

ONLY the ones who shell out the big bucks. In fact, if you’re not sending over a RIVER of your cash to them, consistently, they tell you flat out, they won’t “work directly with you” and so you have to know that’s a big clue.

Their “team” is just other professional grade producers who already know how to sell.

Their “team” is not the newbie.

Just look at the back office and you can tell…

Cause new people are not getting paid.

You are not getting paid.

It’s not designed to do that.

It’s a “good ole gooroo boys club” and chances are, you were never invited to be on the inside, you were just invited to fund their play time… and their next big traffic campaign… and all the toys they’re buying with your money.

Here’s the inside scoop…

And the charade begins…

They justify it, validate it, and victimize the new guy and say anything and everything to let the new people know that they should be worshipping their gooroo and sending even more money to discover “the real secrets.”

Kind of sounds like the Church of Scientology <— google it.


Same approach…

Find a person in a vulnerable state and…

“I have the secrets to your universe, buy my stuff.”

“I have exactly what you want… buy my stuff!”

And after that happens…

“I have secrets you want… buy even more of my stuff. My new stuff is better and more important than last month’s great stuff.”

And after targeting vulnerable people and offering them some secrets, it continues…

“You’re not worthy yet to know the “real” secrets, so you must……”

Yep, you guessed it…


And so it goes on until the new guy just can’t buy more stuff…

Then, they’re simply told to…

“Work on your mindset! You’re not ready. You’re “resisting” and not allowing this knowledge in. It’s your mind and attitude… you’re a weakling… please go away… get away from “poisoning” my team… get outta here… scram…. and work on your weak mind, then come back and…. BUY MORE STUFF!”

It’s a model.


Google the Church of Scientology.

It’s exactly what they do too.

Some say it’s not “right or wrong” it’s just a model.

I say, when it’s KNOWN that, that is happening to good people… it’s sociopathic, not only wrong, it’s disgusting.

Yet, the narcissism continues.

They’re in love with themselves and begin to believe their own BS.

It’s a sales hack.

And it begins to hurt people. A lot of people. And I hate that.

Most times, it gets started as a noble vision and the message is great and attracts people because the energy is so different when it starts and it’s more pure… but things change.

The whole thing morphs as the need to find more money consumes them… and well, it just becomes a totally different animal.

You can tell if you know what to look for…

Here’s what to look for and what you will see if a “good thing” begins to change into a hurtful thing…

1. A desperately increasing line of “launches” to sell into the existing member base.

“Churn and burn! How much stuff can we get them to buy before they quit and how fast can we do it?”

2. A disregard for improving the front end things that could help the new person succeed. I promise you that front end funnel doesn’t convert worth dirty socks after a while. That’s why NONE of the “leaders” are using it. ANY of it. They build their own. BIG HINT.

“No need to worry about helping the newbie’s funnel out, they won’t sell anything anyway and our leaders don’t need any help. They already know how to sell the front end themselves. Let’s keep creating ways to get our gooroos paid so they don’t leave because if our gooroos are not happy they WILL leave… if our gooroos leave, we are DONE. Let’s feed the gooroos.”

3. The “leaders” begin to build their own “Program inside of the program” and their own courses on top of the courses that they claimed was “all you’d need” inside the “mother program.” When the “team system” becomes more important than the program it’s supposed to be selling… that’s a big red flag. Let the gouging of the newbies begin and now you have more costs that are “critical” and only for “the serious people” on the team. Another $100 a month here, and another $47 over there and another $1,500 coaching thing over there…

…and all that additional gouging is OUTSIDE OF and in addition to the actual program you’re trying to learn how to sell.

It’s INSANITY but the newbie buys it up…
…they simply don’t know how to see this.

They’re marketing eyes are closed shut.

So, read on and let’s help you learn how to see with your eyes wide open… here’s more signs as to what you will notice when the game begins to change for the worse, you’ll see…

A more aggressive stance and talk by leaders and a more aloof and arrogant attitude form the top.

When they start talking down to the new people who get fed up and start leaving, you know something’s up.

4. And the biggest red flag and hint of all time is this:

When the ONLY people being celebrated are the same gooroos and almost NO NEWBIES seem to be able to sell anything to another person in the real world… it gets harder and harder for new guys to sell it because there is growing information being spread by people who got “hip to the con” and left… and this information out there becomes easier to find and proliferates…

….and the only people that damages are the new guys.

That’s the difference with that model. It’s simply not designed or engineered to be a place that focuses on actually getting results for the new person. It’s a haven for the experienced mailer and producer to FLEECE THEIR FLOCK and that’s what ends up happening.

Hey, look… I wish this was all just my crazy opinion, but it’s not.

Just take a look for yourself and please tell me that THIS is NOT what is actually happening…

…take a good open and honest look and tell me what you see happening.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just shoving a mirror at the game and teaching new people how to truly see with their eyes wide open… because one of my favorite mentors taught me that…

Dead Downlines Don’t Lie!

I prefer a model that actually is designed to help the new person get started quickly, for an affordable start up and where it’s designed to allow the team to work together to actually generate success for the new members WITHOUT a “Churn and Burn” model.

Here’s why…

1. When you help new members succeed, they get into profit mode.

2. When you stop gouging them again and again each month with a new $1,000 or $500 product “launch” and you allow them to breathe and learn the skills of marketing, they don’t leave.

3. When they don’t quit and leave, your income is stable and consistent.

4. When your income is stable and consistent, you do more to help your new guys get results.

5. When your new teammates are actually seeing results and getting paid, they get excited and their confidence zooms up.

6. When your new teammates are excited and their confidence is up, they don’t need nearly as much gooroo “training” and they get the word out like crazy.

7. When they get the word out like crazy, others are compelled to take a look.

8. When others take a look, they buy products and others join.

9. When others join, you have duplication.

10. When you have duplication everybody wins.

11. When you have people winning, thousands of others take notice.

And that’s brings us to today…

There is a big reason why our team is growing so fast and why so many new people are coming over in droves from other programs where they were the kindling that fueled the fire of ONLY a few gooroos at the top.

We’re gaining velocity as people see that what we say is actually happening in the real world.

We invite you to come to our free events, our hangouts, our trainings, our conference calls and our videos and take a serious look at why we’re gaining so much momentum.

You can review it all here (just click and enjoy) and then give me a call.

We can chat about it.

You’ll receive all my contact info inside that information page.

Talk soon,