September 18, 2014

Eric Worre’s Speach From the Wake Up Now Convention – A Step Beyond

  That was a sneak peek of Eric Worre’s Speach from the Wake Up Now Convention – A Step Beyond.  For the full audio recording, click the link below! Audio – Eric Worre at the Wake Up Now Convention – A Step Beyond Eric Worre is truly a Pro when it comes to network marketing. […]

September 16, 2014

Wake Up Now Mentor Program – What is it? And How it Can Help You Create an Empire!

Scotty and I just got back from the Wake Up Now conference in Salt Lake City where they released the the Wake Up Now Mentor Program (WUN Mentor Program) and this thing is going to CHANGE SOME LIVES!  Here’s all the details on what the Wake Up Now Mentor Program is and how it will […]

September 11, 2014

How To Get The Most Out of a Networking Event

  Hopefully these tips help you get the most value you possibly can from your event! The most important thing is to BE SOCIAL!!  Get out of your comfort zone and make friends with EVERYBODY!  Stay out late, build relationships!  You can sleep when you get home Keep crushing it! Danny

August 29, 2014

There’s Just NO WAY Around This!

People are always coming into the Network Marketing industry and looking for instant wealth or instant team signups!  I don’t care what tool, type of traffic, or system you’re using, there’s just no way around good ol’ fashioned networking! If you want DAILY coaching on you “networking” skills then be sure and hook up with […]

August 29, 2014

The Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP!

Follow up is HUGE!  You need to let go of your inhibitions, shyness, tentativeness or whatever the hell else you wanna call it and just beat these people TO DEATH with follow up until you get a YES or a NO.  You simply won’t make it in network marketing if you don’t. Join our team and I’ll show you […]

August 29, 2014

TRUTH Spoken By A Master Marketer!

My friend Franco Gonzalez wrote this SUPER powerful blog post a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it.  Check it out below! Here’s a link to his post – We just work different here. In most programs that are “direct sales” deals and just pretending to play “network marketing” you can tell, because […]